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Recordings of the Music of
Tomás Luis de Victoria

Selected CDs of Victoria's Music

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Officium Hebdomadeae Sanctae (1585)
Ensemble Vocal Jean-Paul_Gipon
Jean-Paul_Gipon, director
Champeaux CSM 0001, Jade JAD C 332

This is a recording of Victoria's Holy Week music: the publication of 1585 called Officium Hebdomadeae Sanctae. This recording contains 3 CDs and is a "must," although it may be difficult to find. The music composed for Holy Week is extraordinarily beautiful. The CD contains a complete version of the Improperia, Popule meus. Most recordings of this important Good Friday composition provide only a shortened version. It also provides the complete Passio secundum Joannem (Passion According to St. John) that is sung on Good Friday, as well as other important works such as all the lessons and responsories for the Tenebrae service as well as Victoria's setting of the Benedictus and Miserere (although the latter is sung in too fast a meter). For more information about the music of Holy Week, click on DoveSong's The Music of Holy Week

Victoria O Quam Gloriosum/Ave Maris Stella
Choir of Westminster Cathedral
David Hill, director
Hyperion CDA66114

A fine recording of two of Victoria's masses.

  • Missa and Motet O quam gloriosum:  The O quam gloriosum mass is based on the material from Victoria's own motet O quam gloriosum for four parts (It was a practice among composers of this period to create masses using material from other compositions).

  • Missa Ave maris stella: This beautiful mass is composed four four parts. 

The Call of the Beloved
The Sixteen
Harry Christophers, director
Collins Classics 15212

A recording that includes all of Victoria's music for three choirs, two previously unrecorded hymns, and a rarely recorded motet.

  • Motet and Mass Laetatus sum: The Laetatus sum mass is based on Victoria's motet of the same name and both are for three 4-voice choirs (It was a practice among composers of this period to create masses using material from other compositions).

  • Magnificat Sexit toni a 12: At Last! A recording of Victoria's Magnificat Sexti Toni for three choirs, the first since Paul Boepple's excellent recording from the 1960s.

  • Veni creator spiritusVictoria's hymn is for 4-part choir.

  • Vadam et ciruibo civtatemVictoria's motet for 6 parts.

  • Ad caenam Agni providiVictoria's hymn is for 4-part choir.

  • Vidi speciosam: Victoria's motet for 6 parts.

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