Welcome to the DoveSong Archives

    Mary Ellen Bickford and I founded DoveSong.Com in March 1997 to present our unique vision of music in a world besieged by an ever downward-spiraling music culture. Our site became very popular, and by 2006, DoveSong.com had grown exponentially, serving thousands of visitors every day.

    Soon, we began receiving so many emails that we could not possibly answer them. Additionally, we no longer had access to a "server" to host our MP3 library and we had to take it offline, and because of necessary upgrades to our computer systems, we lost the ability to effectively maintain the old-fashioned computer code that provided the underpinnings of the original DoveSong website (now called the "archives" section).

    We made our last enhancement to DoveSong.Com in 2005 when we released my book Music through the Centuries, folding it into the pre-existing content of the website.

    DoveSong.Com's archive section will not be upgraded, but it will continue to be my online collection of all of my music writings from the years 1997-2005.

Don Robertson - February 1, 2012