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Indian Musicological Society, established in November 1970, is a body, registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, holding Maharastra State Registration No. Bom. 21/1971 BBSD dated 18.01.1971. It is also registered as Public trust, under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, bearing No. F 2180 (Bombay) dated 29.03.1971. The Registered office of the Society is in Bombay. Its working office is at Baroda with the following address:

Prof. R. C.Mehta.Hon.Gen.Secretary,
Dandia Bazaar,BARODA 390 001/India

e-mail: profrcmehta@yahoo.com

The main focus of the society is on promotion of musicological research in the field of musical styles and forms, schools (Gharanas) in music, comparative and historical studies, Psychology of Music, and Acoustics of Music, Semiotics of Music, Aesthetics and Criticism of Music; etc.

The Journal, published by the society, has invariably aimed at high scholastic standards. It is published in English to attract research material from all over India, also from other countries of the World. Many leading musicologists have contributed to this journal during its journey of 32 years. The Journal reaches many University libraries in India
and abroad.

The JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN MUSICOLOGICAL SOCIETY is the official publication of IMS and can be had by paying an annual subscription of US $25.00 (Institutions, Abroad /Individuals, Abroad US$20.00. LIFE MEMBERSHIP (Abroad): US $ 150.00.


All prices, subject to revision

1. Journal of the Indian Musicological Society. Annual: Volume 34: 2003: Subscription: Abroad, Institutions: US $ 25.00 / Individuals: US $ 20.00

2. A Short Historical Survey of the Music of Upper India: By Pandit V.N. Bhatkhande, Reprint 1987 43pp.,23.5 x 18 cms  US $5.00

3. Folksongs of South Gujarat with 24 Folksongs in Western Notation: By Madhubhai Patel: Re-print:1998, 130pp., Spiral US $ 15.00

4. The Musical Heritage of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar: Edited by T.S. Parthasarathy: Re-print: 1998, 70pp, HB. US $8.50

5. Voice Culture: By S.A.K.Durga: Re-print 1997,117pp,Hb. US $20.00

6. Psychology of Music: Delhi S. Akademi, Seminar Papers: Edited by R.C. Mehta, Re-print: 1990, 104 pp., Hb. US $ 12.00

7. Essays in Musicology: Edited by R.C. Mehta, Re-print: 1987, xvi + 214 pp. Hb. US $ 25.00

8. Studies in Musicology: Edited by R.C. Mehta, Re-print 1987, xii + 197 pp.Hb US $ 25.00

9. The Saman Chants: A Review of Research: By G.H. Tarlekar 1985, Vii + 120 pp, Hb. US $ 15.00

10. Music of Bengal: Essays in Contemporary Perspective: Edited by Jayasri Banerjee, 1987, xii + 130pp. Hb. US $ 15.00

11. Music and Mythology: A Collection of Essays: Edited by R.C. Mehta, 1989, Book 1 & 2, 51 + 122 pp. Hb  US $ 15.00

12. On Music: A Collection of Essays: Edited by R.C. Mehta, 1989, 108 pp. Hb  US $ 10.00

13. Thumri Tradition and Trends: Essays Edited by R.C. Mehta, 1990,83 pp. Hb.: US $ 12.00

14. Composition in Indian Music: Edited by R. C. Mehta, 1993, 140 pp. Hb  US $ 15.00

15. Music Research: Perspectives and Prospects Reference Indian Music: Edited by R.C. Mehta, 1994, 92 pp. Hb  US $ 15.00

16. Directory of Doctoral Theses in Music: Edited by R.C. Mehta, 1994 , 74pp.Hb. US $ 15.00

17. Vanishing Traditions in Music: A Collection of Essays: Edited by Sakuntala Narasinhan, 1999, 77 pp. Hb  Rs. US $ 15.00

18. Music: Intercultural Aspects: A Collection of Essays: Edited by S.A.K.Durga1999, 87pp., Hb  US $ 15.00

19. Essays on Indian Music: By Josef Kuckertz: Edited by Selina Thielemann, 1999, xii + 198 pp., Hb  US $ 25.00

20. Perspectives on Dhrupad: A Collection of Essays: Eds. Deepak Raja & Suvarnalata Rao, 1999, 136pp, Hb  US $20.00

21. Reflections on Musicology and History: By Ashok Ranade: 2001, 120 pp. Hard Cover: US $ 12.00

22. Indian Music Eminent Thinkers On Core Issues: Discourses by Premlata Sharma, S.K. Saxena & Kapila Vatsyayana Edited by R.C. Mehta, 2002, viii+133pp, Hb US $ 15.00

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