pakhawaj tabla

Learning from the World's Greatest Rhythmic Traditions


Swapan Chaudhuri playing tabla

Learning Rhythm from the Masters

The study of rhythmic in the iUniversity is based on two great world traditions:

  • The Pakhawaj: The ancient drum of North India associated with the Dhrupad singing tradition.

  • The Tabla: The world's most advanced drumming tradition.
Book Recommendations for Tabla Study

The Aesthetics of Tabla by Pandit Sudhir Mainkar - Pandit Mainkar's life's work, a comprehensive review of the many facits of tabla composition and playing. website: tablabookusa.com

Vintage Tabla Repertory by Gert-Matthias Wegner - An extreemly important repository of some of the most important tabla compositions in the world! Amazon

The Tabla of Lucknow: A Cultural Analysis of a Musical Tradition by James Kippen - An important introduction to drumming in the Lucknow tradition (gharana) Amazon

Gurdev's Drumming Legacy by James Kippen - An important translation of and commentary on a 1903 tabla book. Amazon

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