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Sacred Echoes

Sacred Echoes is a collection of sacred works by the great Renaissance composers as well as works by Baroque composers Monteverdi and Gabrieli.

We hope to start putting these pieces online soon. When a selection becomes available, the name below will become a link, that you can click on to view or print the music. Links will have a blue color while names of selections that are not yet online will be black.


Victoria – Super fumina Babylonis
Monteverdi – Dixit Dominus from the 1610 Vespers


Dufay – Veni Creator Spiritus
Dufay – Aurea luce et decore roseo
Palestrina – Pange lingua gloriosi
Victoria – Ad coenam agni
Victoria – Hujus obtentu Deus
Victoria – Decus egregie

Sequences by Dufay

Rex omnipotens
Victimae paschali laudes

Motets by Josquin des Prez

Benedicta es, caelorum regina
Pater noster
Ave Christe
Ave Verum
O Virgo Virginus
Ave maris stella
Sancti Dei omnes

Motets by Orlandus Lassus

The Complete “Tears of Saint Peter”
Ave maria alta stirps

Motets by Palestrina

Ave Maria
Exaltabo te
Sub tuum praesidium
Adoramus te Christe
Veni sancte Spiritus
Tu es Petrus
Gloriosi Principes terrae
Trahe me post te
O magnum mysterium

Motets by Tomas Luis de Victoria

Quem vidistis, pastores?
Sancta Maria, succure miseris
Do Seraphim clamabant
Magi viderunt stellam
O magnum mysterium
O quam gloriosum est regnum
O vos omnes
Ne timeas Maria
Tu es Petrus
Vere languores nostros

Motets By Other Composers

Compere – O vos omnes
Dufay - Gaudeamus
Dufay – Alma redemptoris Mater
Giovanni Gabrieli – Plaudite
Giovanni Gabrieli - Kyrie
Gallus – Hodie Christus natus est
Gallus – Ave Maria a 8
Gallus – Natus es nobis
Gesualdo – Ave dulcissima Maria
Leotinus – Allelua, dulce lignum

Masses and Mass Movements

Dufay – Gloria
Dufay – Kyrie-Gloria-Credo
Dufay – Gloria Spiritus et alme
Dufay – Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor (and organum Cunctipotens genitor and Gregorian Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor)
Dufay – Kyrie orbis factor (and kyrie-trope orbus factor)
Victoria – Missa Simile est regnum coelorum
Josquin - Missa pange lingua
Palestrina – Credo from Missa Beata Virgine

Other Compositions

Dufay – Benedicamus Domino I and II
Lassus – Magnificat in the 3rd tone a 4
Palistrina – Nunc dimittis
Victoria – Te Deum
Victoria – Vidi aquam

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