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"Salve Festa Dies"

Salve Festa Dies is a collection of Renaissance Sacred Music in closed-score notation with handcrafted pages with typewritten words. These scores are easy to read, sing, and play.

This collection of music is mostly from the late Renaissance and includes the Gregorian chants that are integral to the music, and are tightly integrated with the rest of the music.

As the actual files are prepared and become available, the items below become links and by clicking on them, the piece will be downloaded to your computer, available for viewing or, most importantly, for printing. Once you have a printed copy, you are free to make as many photocopies as you wish. There are no copyrights. We ask you to not change the music in anyway and to leave the foundation’s logo and Internet address on the music to help make the DoveSong Sheetmusic Library known to others.

We hope to start putting these pieces online soon. When a selection becomes available, the name below will become a link, that you can click on to view or print the music. Links will have a blue color while names of selections that are not yet online will be black.


Gregorian – Ave maris stella
Victoria – Collaudamus venerantes
Victoria – Pange linqua
Victoria – Tibi, Christe, splendor Patris
Victoria – Vexilla Regis (Roman version)


Gabrieli – O Magnum Mysterium
Gallus – Christus factus est
Gallus – Ecce quomodo
Gallus – Jocunda
Gallus – Sepulto Domino
Gallus – Stetit Jesus
Josquin – Magnus es tu, Domine
Lassus – Justorum anima
Lassus – Resonent in Laudibus
Victoria – Tae det
Victoria – Vere languores
Victoria – Versa est in luctum


Gregorian - Ave Maria Virgo serina
Gregorian - Victimae paschali laudes
Victoria – Lauda Sion Salvatorem
Victoria - Victimae paschali laudes


Ave Maria
Salve Festa Dies


Gregorian - Christus Resurgens
Victoria – Pecantem me

Mass Movements

Victoria – Agnes Dei

Other Works

Lassus – Litany of All Saints
Palestrina - Benedictus
Palestrina – Impropria
Palestrina – Miserere for three choirs


Gregorian - Asperges me
Gregorian - Gaudeamus
Victoria - Asperges me

Marian Antiphons

Anerio – Alma Redemptoris Mater
Gregorian – Alma Redemptoris Mater
Gregorian – Ave Regina coelorum
Gregorian – Regina caeli
Gregorian – Salve Regina
Lassus- Ave Regina coelorum
Victoria – Regina caeli a 8
Victoria – Salve Regina a 5
Victoria – Salve Regina a 5 with alternating plainsong


Palestrina – Third Mode a4
Victoria – First Mode a4 “Anima mea”


Victoria – Vau

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